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В ИЛМ мы стремимся предоставить пациентам наилучшее качество,
которое соответствует стандартам медицины и хирургии.
Эффективность нашего лечения заключается в непрерывном
развитии научного потенциала наших специалистов.
Наш медицинский центр оснащен
многопрофильными высокими технологиями.
Благодаря современному техническому оборудованию
ИЛМ стал лидером в Испании и возглавил европейские рейтинги.
Залогом эффективности нашего лечения является
постоянное обновление технических ресурсов.


Up until now, the scars caused by acne or lesions and striae marks have been very difficult to reduce. With the introduction of Starlux, non-ablative fractional laser a new phase in the treatment of scars and skin marks has arrived. It improves the skin's appearance in a very percentage.

This new therapeutic option for the treatment of scars and striae consists of the application of Starlux infrared laser with a wavelength of 1540.

Two types of scars can be discerned, atrophic and hypertrophic:

Atrophic scars are formed after an inflammatory process, for example, after suffering chicken pox, acne or because of sudden stretching of the skin, destroying the dermal collagen and affecting even the hypodermis.

Hypertrophic scars have a wider, reddish appearance and in some cases in relief. They are caused by a disproportionate growth of fibroblasts (elastin and collagen fibres). If the length and width of the hypertrophic scar is larger than the original lesion, this is known as a keloid, which is caused because of surgical or traumatic wounds.

Starlux treats both types of scars. It acts by creating vertical columns of heat with a thermal impact that heats the tissue to stimulate the formation of new collagen and reorganises the elastic fibres, resulting in rapid skin recovery.

Treatment with Starlux 1540 is performed with local anaesthetic on the face and none is needed for the rest of the body. Treatment lasts for 3 to 5 sessions, according to the diagnosis of each individual case. The handpiece is applied to the region several times in each session.

During the session, a temporary reddening of the treated surface occurs accompanied by slight swelling which subsides in a few hours. After the session, the application of a moisturising lotion is recommended. Sunscreen with a protection factor of over 30 should also be applied to the area. After the session, the patient can resume their normal activities.