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В ИЛМ мы стремимся предоставить пациентам наилучшее качество,
которое соответствует стандартам медицины и хирургии.
Эффективность нашего лечения заключается в непрерывном
развитии научного потенциала наших специалистов.
Наш медицинский центр оснащен
многопрофильными высокими технологиями.
Благодаря современному техническому оборудованию
ИЛМ стал лидером в Испании и возглавил европейские рейтинги.
Залогом эффективности нашего лечения является
постоянное обновление технических ресурсов.

Nutrition, a key factor in the prevention of cellulite

To avoid and aid in the elimination of cellulite, IML proposes the following series of good daily habits:

  1. Drink at least 2 litres of water per day. Water eliminates toxins and keeps the microcirculation system clean.
  2. Avoid the consumption of fast-absorbing carbohydrates, such as sugar and processed flour, jams and marmalades, cakes and pastries, etc.
  3. Cook foods without fat, boil, steam, grill, etc. Dispense with fried and battered foods.
  4. Take foods rich in fibre and proteins and low in fats and carbohydrates. Fibre is found in foods such as wholemeal cereals, vegetables and fruit, which all help against constipation. Fish, cottage cheese, egg white and lean meat are foods with high protein content.
  5. Physical exercise, for at least 30 minutes daily. Walking, dancing, cycling, etc., all of these activities help tone muscles where excess fat accumulates.
  6. Avoid excess salt in meals. Salt favours fluid retention.
  7. Avoid alcohol. The calories in alcohol beverages are transformed directly into fat.
  8. Take large amounts of citric fruits. Vitamin C reinforces the blood vessels and aids in controlling venous oedemas.
  9. Drink herbal teas: brews such as red tea and green tea increase the metabolism and aid in the elimination of liquids and toxins.
  10. Avoid stress and anxiety as well as tobacco (vasoconstrictive) and coffee (induces energy saving).