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В ИЛМ мы стремимся предоставить пациентам наилучшее качество,
которое соответствует стандартам медицины и хирургии.
Эффективность нашего лечения заключается в непрерывном
развитии научного потенциала наших специалистов.
Наш медицинский центр оснащен
многопрофильными высокими технологиями.
Благодаря современному техническому оборудованию
ИЛМ стал лидером в Испании и возглавил европейские рейтинги.
Залогом эффективности нашего лечения является
постоянное обновление технических ресурсов.

Internal training course at IML for its medical experts in facial fillers

On 14th June, IML carried out a practical clinical session on the improvement in handling the different hyaluronic acid based filler products with varied properties according to the type of correction required. 

The course was organised by Galderma describing the handling of their new product line Emervel, the latest range of dermal facial fillers with hyaluronic acid and lidocaine.

The Emervel range uses a production system that incorporates the guarantees of its specific manufacturing process Optimal Balance Technology, which combines hyaluronic acid and the reticulated agent BDDE in a watery medium to form a gel, with varied firmness depending on the density of the reticulation. Highly purified through dialysis to eliminate the non-reticulated BDDE, gel measurement allows for a more adequate calibration of the gel with each of the indications performed.

The course was imparted by Dr. Moises Amselem, who we have welcomed once again in our installations. 

With the multidisciplinary approach that distinguishes IML, the hands-on training included the participation of our dermatologists, aesthetic physicians specialised in facial treatments and our maxillofacial surgeon. 

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