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Correction of dark circles under eyes with Sculptra

Sculptra is an active ingredient based on polymerised poly-lactic-acid, which, through infiltrations into the deep dermis activates the formation of new connective tissue, increasing and stimulating the production of new collagen. Sculptra is slowly reabsorbed by the organism; it is biodegradable, does not generate active metabolites or residual substances and stimulates collagen, not only during treatment, but also throughout the months following the procedure. The corrections performed with Sculptra last for two years

One of the main applications is for the treatment of dark circles under the eyes and zygomatic arch cracking. Although, it can also be used for the correction of nasogenian folds, marionette lines, cheekbones, cheeks and facial lipodystrophies caused by HIV.

Its application is contra-indicated in the reddish region of the lips, infected areas, in areas treated with anticoagulants and in areas where filler has been previously applied.